Campus Parent Portal

The Campus Parent Portal is designed specifically for parents and is optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets.

In the Campus Parent Portal, navigate between tools in the menu on the left. On mobile devices, this menu shrinks to a "hamburger" or "three bars" icon to save space.

Click the user icon in the top right to view Notification Settings.

Screenshot of a parent's home page with the index on the left, students in the middle, and announcements and messages on the right.  An example of the Campus Parent Portal


The home page of Campus Parent collects the most important items needing parents' and guardians' attention for all of their students and makes helpful information easily accessible. 

Screenshot of the home page with tiles for each student. A summary of student information needing attention displays on the Home screen. 

If Course Registration is currently enabled, message displays at the top of the screen with links to applicable students. Likewise, if the parent has a Survey assigned, a message with displays with links to the message center where the survey can be found.

Below any blue messages, district-specific information displays, such as a logo or district-wide message.

Each student displays in their own card. Depending on the district's preferences and what is applicable to the student, the following data may display: 

  • Food Service Balance
  • Documents Need Attention - any documents, such as special education documents or other forms requiring a signature.
  • Assignments Due Today
  • Recent Assignment Scores
  • Recent Grade Updates
  • Recent Attendance Updates
  • Recent Behavior Events

Which updates are considered "recent" is determined by a setting. Click the gear icon (Screenshot of the gear icon. ) above the student cards to indicate the timeframe for which recent data should display. This setting applies to all of the data on a parent's home screen.

Screenshot highlighting using the gear icon to access the recent data Settings menu and set a timeframe for recent data.  Settings on the Home Screen


Watch the video below to see an overview of Campus Parent.

Student Details

From the Home screen, click on a student to view information for that student. This is the same home page that displays for students when they use Campus Student

Screenshot of the student detail screen. Click on a student in the Home page to view more information about the summaries provided. 

The student's name, current enrollment(s) and basic data displays at the top of the screen, depending on what has been enabled by the district. If applicable, the student's Food Service barcode then displays.

Below that, the following sections display. Click on the items listed, such as assignments or attendance events, to see more information:

  • Today's Schedule
  • Documents Need Attention
  • Assignments Due Today
  • Assignments Due Tomorrow
  • Recent Assignment Scores
  • Recent Grade Updates
  • Recent Attendance Updates
  • Recent Behavior Events


If a tool is specific to a single student, such as Grades or Schedule, a student dropdown list displays in the top right corner. This dropdown list does not display for tools that are not student specific like Announcements.

Screenshot of the switch student dropdown list at the top right of the corner of the screen.

Switch between students using the dropdown list in the corner.  

If a student has multiple enrollments, a dropdown list displays at the top of tools like Grades and Schedule listing each enrollment. Other tools, such as Behavior, show multiple enrollments on one screen, with data separated by enrollment.

Screenshot of a student's schedule who has multiple enrollments with tabs for each schedule. Select which enrollment to view if the student has multiple enrollments.  

Links in Campus Parent

In various areas of Campus Parent, clicking links opens details for items such as assignments and courses.

To enlarge Example Images, right click and select View Image. Click BACK to return to the article.

Available LinkDescriptionExample Image

Click on an assignment to view details, such as dates, scoring information, and the description. Files attached by teachers also display on this screen, as applicable.

Parents are able to view submissions and Quick Assessments made by their students once the students have turned them in. However, viewing those submissions may be limited by parents' access to third-party programs enabled by the school, such as Google Drive or Naiku.

Screenshot of an assignment in Campus Parent with a summary and student submissions enabled and assignment details on the right. 

Course NameClick on a course name to view the Course/Section number, Period, Room, section Website, and any upcoming assignments.
Screenshot of the Course Info tab with the teacher's email address. 
Counselor EmailFrom the Course detail, click the counselor's email to discuss schedule changes (a preformatted email form displays), or discuss other topics with your student's counselor.

Two-part screenshot showing a schedule and the counselor email available when a course name is clicked.

Notification Settings

Notification settings allow users to opt out of receiving specific kinds of notifications and establish thresholds for those they want to receive. Set thresholds to only receive notifications when a grade or score falls below the selected percentage or a lunch balance falls below the selected dollar amount. Click the arrows to change the threshold or click and drag the dot. 

Notifications are not sent for any tools that have been disabled by the district. Only districts using Campus Food Service receive low balance notifications.

 Screenshot of Notifications Settings.Enable notifications and set thresholds to determine when notifications are sent.   

Blended Learning

Some schools are using blended learning, with some students attending school physically and some attending virtually. 

Is My Student Virtual Today?

Check the Today screen to see if your student is physical or virtual today. A Screenshot of the Virtual tag. tag displays at the top of the schedule on days the student attending virtually. 

To check another day, go to the Calendar screen, click Schedule and click a day in the calendar to see if your student is attending in-school or virtually that day. 

Attendance Check-Ins

Depending on how your student's school is using virtual attendance, students may be required to respond to an attendance Check-In to show that they're participating in school virtually. These Check-Ins may display for each virtual section or one per day; some students are required to respond during the period the section would normally meet and other have all day to respond. Parents may also be able to respond for their students. Contact your school if you have questions about how they're doing virtual attendance. 

To see if your student has responded to a Check-In, click on the Check-In on the Today screen. To respond to a Check-In for your student, click the Check-In and then click the blue Yes button. 

Two-part screenshot of a check-in in a list that a parent clicks to verify that a student is present. Respond to a Check-In for your student to indicate that they are participating virtually. 

Account Settings

Account settings allow users to update their security email on record or to change their Password and E-Signature PIN.

  • The Account Security Email is the email used if a user forgets their username or password.
  • Passwords can only be modified if the district has enabled Password Reset. Strong passwords are enforced, meaning that passwords should have a mix of letters, number, and characters to make them more secure.
  • E-Signature PINs are used to electronically verify and sign Meal Benefit Applications. This field is only available if enabled by the district.

Screenshot of accessing Account Settings from the user menu at the top right of the screen.  Access Account Settings to update basic account information.  


From the user menu, click Language to change the language that Campus Parent displays in. Campus provides translations into Spanish and Chinese; districts may provide additional translations. 

Screenshot showing how to change the language of Campus Parent via the Language link in the user menu. Select a Language to translate Campus Parent. Spanish and Chinese translations are provided by Campus.    

Contact Preferences

Manage your contact preference by selecting the desired language and when you receive message, and how you receive that message (phone call, email, or text message). If your school has turned on certain options, you may be able to modify your phone numbers and email addresses.

From the User Menu, select Settings, then select Contact Preference. Review existing contact information (phone numbers and email addresses), enter any updates, and mark your desired Messenger Preferences. When phone and email changes are made, an email notification acknowledging the change is sent to the individual, alerting them to changes they may not have made.

Screenshot of the Contact Preferences screen accessed from the Settings menu in the user menu.  Contact Preferences   

Access Log

The Access Log lists the date, time, operating system, browser, and IP address of each time this account has been accessed. Failed attempts are indicated.

Screenshot of the Access Log found in the Settings menu. Use the Access Log to see information for each login.  







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